Product  Description Color Ratio Specific Gravity Heat Cure Temp. Limit
HTCP-550 For applications to 3/8'' thick. Repairs cast iron and steel parts to 2000°F. Water-based paste putty.  Dark Grey 1 1.5 gms/cc 200/2-4 °F/hrs 1093°C
HTCP-650 Thixotropic paste putty. Used to seal boiler doors and molten metal systems. Easy to apply and removable.  For uses to 2300°F. Brownish Grey 1 1.27 gms/cc 200/1 °F/hrs 1260°C
HTCP-750 For applications to 1/2'' thick. Repairs cast aluminum parts to 1400°F. Water-based paste putty.   Light Grey  2  1.80 gms/cc 160/1-2 °F/hrs  760°C
HTCP-850 An organic caulk putty. For sealing high temperature flanges, joints to 950°F, 750 psi. This product cures into  a tough, pliable, inert material.  Grey   1 1.09 gms/cc  400/1 °F/hrs  510°C
HTCP-950 For vertical surfaces and applications to 1/2'' thick. Repairs cast iron, steel and stainless parts to  2000°F. Water-based paste putty.  Grey 1 1.9 gms/cc 200/3 °F/hrs 1093°C
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